KAWILI = “to blend, to mix, to intertwine”…



The initial seeds of The Kāwili Project were planted over five years ago while consulting on aromatherapeutic plants for the Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Kona. Working closely with Hawai'ian native plants in their natural environment, we were imbued with a sense that they had something unique and valuable to teach us, and our desire to listen to the stories in their scents grew.

To honor the beauty of nature, we must honor our own natural beauty; the two are intertwined.
— La’au Lapa’au Elder Aunty Alapa’i

We sought out those that carried this plant wisdom, and were deeply inspired by local farmers, traditional healers and Hawai'ian Elders from all the Islands. We were guided by the late La’au Lapa’au Elder Aunty Alapa’i Kahu’ena in Oahu who, for us, embodied the aloha spirit in her work to preserve traditional plant knowledge and culture. Her life was dedicated to helping people restore their nurturing connection to nature by learning to honor and nurture themselves.

The KAWILI Project supports the “intertwining” of taking care of ourselves and our environment


Immersed in the restorative elements of the Islands, we created a signature collection of 5 Kāwili botanical scents with organic essential oils and extracts -- LA = Hawai'ian sunshine; AHE = Island breeze; NIU = Coconut trees; PUA = Hawai'ian blossoms; and NALU = Ocean waves.  Our hope was that the sensorial richness of the Islands might be experienced anywhere.


Since then, The Kāwili Project has organically grown to offer a full range of luxury botanical hair and body care.   In our continued partnership with the Four Seasons Resorts, we are honored to have designed a refillable in-suite bottle program that eliminates the use of over 100,000 plastic amenity bottles annually in Kona.  

Thank you for eliminating the use of over 100,000 plastic bottles annually and counting...!


We hope that the botanical creations of The Kāwili Project will inspire you with the spirit of aloha ‘aina—a loving respect for ourselves and our environment-- as much as they do us.  Thank you and enjoy!